Can Mupirocin Be Used on Ringworm?


Mupirocin can't be used on ring worm because it's not effective against infections caused by viruses, fungi, or other organisms. It's only effective on bacterial Infections like impetigo and methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus. You need a specific anti-fungal cream to eliminate the ringworm.
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Mupirocin is an ointment that is prescribed to treat bacterial infections of the skin. To most common infection that it treats is impetigo. You can find more information here: http:
1. Wear rubber gloves.They'll protect your skin from becoming irritated by the Nolvasan. If your skin becomes contaminated, wash the area with soap and water thoroughly. If problems
Mupirocin is used to treat bacterial infections. It works by killing bacteria
staph infections.
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