Can Muslims eat beef?


Muslims can eat beef as long as it follows certain guidelines. The cow's slaughterer must kill the animal by cutting its throat in a swift, merciful fashion, and the carcass must be bled completely.

Meat prepared in this way is called "halal." Muslims must also avoid beef that scavengers have already dined on or meat that comes from a carcass that was not slaughtered but died by other means. The Qur'an expressly forbids eating meat from animals killed with blunt force, strangling, a headlong fall or by being gored, as well as meat sacrificed to a god. The only type of meat that Islam categorically forbids is pork.

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Muslins can eat beef, and chicken as well as any vegetable they choose. The only thing that a person of the muslim faith can not eat is pork. All other foods that do not contain pork
They eat it because it's halal. They don't eat pig because it's haram.
I would imagine beef is self-limiting. By that I mean you will puke it all up before any permanent damage occurs. Although, testing this theory might warrant a Darwin award.
First of all, the reason we don't eat pork is because God has said so in the Quran, but if you want to know the wisdom behind its prohibition, then i believe that the medical researches
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