Can My Hamster Eat Bread?


Your hamster can eat bread but it is not one of the approved foods that it can eat. The approved foods include cashews, alfalfa, celery, corn, cherries, cauliflower and banana. You should not feed the animal apple seeds, garlic, pickles or rhubarb.
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Yes, hamsters can eat just about anything. To ensure proper health, you should feed a steady diet of pre-made hamster food you purchase at the pet store. Be sure not to leave fresh food in the cage for to long to avoid spoiling. You can find more information here:
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Great foods for hamsters are dry seeds and nuts of course in their natural state and not roasted or salted. They also like cereal or hamster pellets and they can also have egg whites
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Hamsters eat a variety of grasses, wind-blown seeds, berries, and grains. The size of their diet in cereals and other hard foods are gnawed and digested unhurriedly ...
There are different foods that the hamsters can eat and they include apples, bananas and the black berries. In addition to this, the hamsters can also eat chick ...
Hamsters eat dry food made just for hamsters. They can also occasionally have bits of fruit or lettuce or carrots. They like the feel of a different food in their ...
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