Can My Neighbour Cut down My Hedge?


Generally, a neighbour is not allowed to cut your hedge. The correct procedure is to ask you to cut down the hedge on your own. Failure to which, the neighbour can ask the council to follow up and ensure that you have cut down your hedge.
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The hedge was on your side of the property? Oops! But WHO put the hedge up in the first place! Was it there before either of you moved in, or did YOU put it there? What I would do
ino im only 16, but my dad had something very similar happen to him, well seeing as it's on your land, can't you contact your lawyer or council or something, did they tresspass on
Talk to your neighbour, tell them you would like to cut back the growth on your side of the garden, as long as you do nothing to kill the plant completely i'm sure they will be agreeable
The person who owns the tree is responsible. However, if it is your neighbour's tree and some of the branches are overhanging your garden, you have the legal right to have them lopped
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