Can diesel fuel be burned in an oil furnace?


It is safe to burn diesel fuel in an oil furnace. Oil fuel is very similar to diesel fuel and the biggest difference is the color of the fuel. Diesel fuel also comes in more grades than oil fuel.

Over a long period of time, it can become expensive to burn diesel fuel unless it is of a significantly low grade. Burning diesel fuel does release a smell that some people find unpleasant, but these fumes are not dangerous. Diesel fuel is also not any more dangerous than oil fuel. It will not catch on fire or cause heat damage to homes.

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You should turn off the furnace stair switch untill you fill the tank then it will be okay. The gasoline will rise to the top of the oil and eventually mix with it.
Identifing the smoke color tells you where it is coming from. Black smoke comes from fuel, so it is running rich or not fully igniting the mixture. White smoke comes from oil and
look for a well and bulb capillary thermometer in a pipe, follow it to the thermometer, and change the setting.
you can burn used motor oil / vegetable oil / kerosene / mineral oil in a diesel engine if you do it properly - used motor oil must be filtered of all impurities - after that most
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