Can My Wages Be Garnished for Medical Bills?


Yes, your wages can be garnished for medical bills. If there is a judgement against you the money can come from your paycheck.
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At a bare minimum, the Higher Education Act allows the Department of Education to take up to 10 percent of your disposable income after payment of state and federal taxes. But it
Untill the debt is paid or the person putting the garnishment stops it.
Since she doe's not receive a paycheck she obviously can not be wage garnished. And no they can not touch S.S.I. If your parents live in a community property State they can come after
Florida Wage Garnishment. Florida Statutes, chapter 77 outlines very strict procedures for garnishment. Florida Statutes §222.11 offers a significant exemption to wage garnishment
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Can Wages Be Garnished for Medical Bills?
Health care providers can garnish your wages if you don’t pay your medical bills, but they can’t do it without a little effort. Only a handful of creditors can take your earnings without first suing you in court, and hospitals and physicians... More »
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