Can My Wages Be Garnished for Medical Bills?


Yes, your wages can be garnished for medical bills. If there is a judgement against you the money can come from your paycheck.
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Garnishment Process. The IRS gives ample opportunities and notice before garnishing your wages. First, the IRS will assess the tax that you owe and send a Notice and Demand for Payment
Yes, the law does not recognize the health or the economic status of the debtor defendant to be a deterrant to the collection of a judgment. The exception is protected benefits such
Since she doe's not receive a paycheck she obviously can not be wage garnished. And no they can not touch S.S.I. If your parents live in a community property State they can come after
Under federal law the maximum amount a creditor can receive
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Can Wages Be Garnished for Medical Bills?
Health care providers can garnish your wages if you don’t pay your medical bills, but they can’t do it without a little effort. Only a handful of creditors can take your earnings without first suing you in court, and hospitals and physicians... More »
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