Can Nair Be Used on Your Head?


Nair can indeed be used on your head. However, you should only use this product in moderation. This is because if you use it too often, you could damage your scalp.
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1. Cleanse the area. Make sure the area you are waxing is free of oils, lotions, moisturizers and sweat. 2. Dry the cleansed area. Dust the area you are waxing with talcum powder.
Men's Nair can cause severe skin irritation
Place nair on yourself, wait for 15 minutes (or however long the directions tell you to) then wipe it off with a wet washcloth.
1. Leave your hair down. Comb or brush through if needed. Ad. 2. Take the head wrap fabric. Using the full square, take up two corners in one hand. 3. Drape over your head at an angle
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You can use Nair on your head, but be ready for the consequences. It is said to cause skin irritation when used on the head. It has very strong alkaline that can ...
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