Can Naproxen Get You High?


You cannot get high on naproxen. However, if you take a lot, it can give you stomach hemorrhage and you can die. Naproxen may also cause neurological effects, which can change or impair physical or mental abilities.
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Naproxen constricts blood vessels, which then reduces kidney blood flow causing fluid retention resulting in a blood pressure rise. Together the constricted blood vessels plus decreased
If you are snorting this pill, that shows your ignorance, maybe you should do a little bit of research before resorting to such. Naproxan is another form of Aleve, an over the counter
Naproxen are actually Sodium Tablets, they do not cause any type of...
You can't get high of naproxen.
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No, you cannot get high off of Naproxen. Naproxen is considered non narcotic. It would be the same thing as trying to get high off of Advil or Tylenol. ...
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