Can Newborn Babies Breath Underwater?


Newborn babies can breathe underwater, but only for a short time. This is also only possible before the umbilical cord is cut, as the baby will use this to 'breathe' before it can use its proper lungs. The baby will not take a breath of air until it is above the water's surface.
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1. Begin teaching your baby to hold his breath on cue in the bathtub, before you start washing him with soap and shampoo. Soak his washcloth, count to 3, and then gently drip the
Crocodiles cannot breathe underwater.
Only while the umbilical cord is still attached.
Aslong as you didn't stimulate them to breath once they're born underwater technically they could stay receiving oxygen from the umbilical cord until the placenta began to separate.
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Newborn babies can breathe underwater if they are provided with adequate training. Water is a natural environment for a baby where they feel safe and secure within. Water also helps a baby's sleeping and feeding habits.
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