Can Nurse Practitioners Prescribe Narcotics?


Nurse practitioners do many duties of a doctor such as doing physical exams, prescribing medication, and ordering x-rays for patients. Nurse Practitioners can now prescribe a control substance to their patients. They can prescribe up to five refills for a narcotic controlled substance.
Q&A Related to "Can Nurse Practitioners Prescribe Narcotics?"
In the US, a nurse practitioner can prescribe all legend drugs and many controlled drugs depending on state law. Contact your board of nursing for information specific to your location
The laws on whether a Nurse Practitioner can prescribe medicine or
Usually nurse practitioners begin their education to receive licensure as a registered nurse. Many registered nurses receive a bachelor’s degree in nursing from a typical four-year
State law will dictate what they can prescribe. You will need to look into the law for your specific state. No one will be prescribing schedule I drugs though, they are defined has
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