Can Nurse Practitioners Prescribe Narcotics?


Nurse practitioners do many duties of a doctor such as doing physical exams, prescribing medication, and ordering x-rays for patients. Nurse Practitioners can now prescribe a control substance to their patients. They can prescribe up to five refills for a narcotic controlled substance.
Q&A Related to "Can Nurse Practitioners Prescribe Narcotics?"
In the US, a nurse practitioner can prescribe all legend drugs and many controlled drugs depending on state law. Contact your board of nursing for information specific to your location
The laws on whether a Nurse Practitioner can prescribe medicine or
According to the Women's Health Channel website, a midwife provides labor and delivery support to women during childbirth. Communication is greatly emphasized between the expectant
State law will dictate what they can prescribe. You will need to look into the law for your specific state. No one will be prescribing schedule I drugs though, they are defined has
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