Can Oxidation Occur without Accompanying Reduction?


No, oxidation cannot occur without accompanying reduction. Oxidation implies that there were electrons lost. These electrons need somewhere to go for them to have a reason to move in the first place.
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oxidation must always be accompanied by a reduction because the species being oxidized must transfer an electron to some other species that is reduced. the electron cannot just be
Oxidation is he loss of electrons. Reduction is the gain of electrons. If th electrons are lost, they have to go somewhere, we can not create or destroy matter.
Oxidation and reduction reactions involve the transfer of
Oxidation and Reduction reactions always occur together because while one atom is oxidizing or losing electrons, the other atom is reducing or gaining electrons.
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Oxidation is the term used to describe the loss of electrons. Reduction is the term used for a gain of electrons. Because matter cannot be created or destroyed ...
Fireworks explode by the processes of oxidation and reduction, also known as the redox reaction. Nitrates, perchlorates and chlorates are used as oxiders. As the ...
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