Can Parents Legally Give Their Children Alcohol?


US states each set their own legal drinking age, but the legal age in all states is 21. Some exemptions may include religious reasons, medical purposes, and parental exception. In 30 states, it is legal for underage parties to drink alcohol, if it is given to them by their parents, and only with the parents present.
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I could find no specific state that allows
Some states require a court hearing to relinquish parental rights after a court hearing. The petition to terminate is filled out and filed with the court clerk. It is like a formal
It's likely that it never got voted on one way or the other in some states. At any rate, it's a cultural norm in much of Europe to give kids a little watered-down wine with dinner
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No a parent cannot give legal consent for a child to drink if they are under the age of 21 because it is against the law to provide alcohol to a minor and the ...
I could find no specific state that allows ...
To legally be a parent don't they have to give birth dah so my answer is a life. ...
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