Can Parents with O Positive Blood Have a Child with a Negative Blood?


Yes, two parents with O positive blood can give birth to a child with either O positive or O negative blood. Any two parents with O blood types will always have a child with O blood types.
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You will be O, definitely. There are 3 blood types, owing to the 3 different proteins that can be expressed on blood cells' surfaces. You inherit one allele for blood type from each
I think they can be anything, I know for definite they can be A+ A- O+ and O- because my parents are A and O and my sisters are A- and I'm an O+ I'm not sure if they can be AB though
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Yes, O positive blood type and O negative blood type parents are capable of conceiving a child. The blood type of the parents is not the problem. The problem arises ...
There is about a 50% possibility that two O positive parents can have an O negative child. People with an Rh positive blood type can also carry the negative genotype ...
A child of an A positive mother and an A positive father will either have A blood or O blood. Interestingly, a child of two O parents can only have O type blood. ...
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