Can People Get Lice from Chickens?


People can get lice from chickens or other birds but they are usually referred to as mites. The bird mites known to affect humans and other animals include chicken mites, the northern fowl mites, ornithonyssus bursa or tropical fowl mites and Cheyletiella mites.
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1. Mix the liquid carbaryl according to the manufacturer's directions in a quantity sufficient for the number of birds you need to treat. Add the carbaryl solution to the sprayer.
Fullers earth dust (diatomaceous earth) is a natural remedy. There are lots of insecticide powders.
Yea mites which eat blood and will soon drank your birds dry and kill them get some 10-10-10 dust or pymiteryn dip and put it on the birds any chemical you put in your garden or on
Most Poultry feed suppliers stock products for getting rid of Chicken lice , but there are some very good brands of dusting powder available, if you only have a few chickens . As
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