Can People Identify Flavors of KOOL Aid When Blindfolded?


Some people can identify flavors of Kool-Aid when blindfolded. Usually, it is someone with a highly defined sense of smell who also happens to be familiar with Kool-Aid flavors. Since these are artificial flavors, some taste more alike than others. 
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If you knew your flavors you could do it quite easily. but what if u did not know then what you know because your taste buds.
According to the article the best flavor of Kool-Aid for this is Grape. This is not something
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My friends were drinking Cool Aid, and I asked if I could have some, then the Cool Ade Man smashed through the wall, and said to me "Oh Nooooo!" *Why Cool Aid Man?* He bio.tch
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People manage to identify flavours of Kool-Aid even with a blind fold by taking classes of flavour identifications. Most of the people who recognise the flavours ...
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