Can People Live on Jupiter?


Naturally, people cannot live on Jupiter because the planet does not support life like earth. From the satellite footages provided by space scientists, Jupiter doesn't have water; has catastrophically high gravity levels and is shaded from the sun, way too much to support life.
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Jupiter's extreme temperature of -243 degrees Fahrenheit would make it impossible for people to live on Jupiter. It's so extreme that spaceships can't get that close to the planet. You can find more information here:
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Jupiter is a gas giant and is not capable of supporting life.
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There likely isn't life there because Jupiter has strong vertical air currents
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It is impossible for people to live on Jupiter. The biggest reason is that there is no solid surface. There is also only a very small amount of water on Jupiter. ...
People can't live on Jupiter because the atmosphere is made up of mostly of molecular hydrogen and helium. Jupiter is the largest planetary atmosphere in the solar ...
There is no form of life that can survive on Jupiter, especially humans. Jupiter is a pretty violent planet that has actually severe storms and no solid surface. ...
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