Can People Live on Mars?


People can live in Mars though living there will not be simple. It is inadequately suited for human occupancy and there is some ice at the poles and maybe some water in underground repositories. Gravity of Mars is only 38% as strong as on Earth and the atmosphere is thin and constitute mostly of carbon dioxide.
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As of this time people cannot live on Mars. It is way to cold and the atmosphere contains to much carbon dioxide. They would have to live in suits and domes.
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For an in depth examination of life on Mars, you should read How to Live on Mars, by Robert Zubrin. The aspect of Martian life I find most attractive is the relative ease of reaching
water used to be on mars billions of years ago so there is a chance there was also life.
There is only a type of bacteria, small watery creatures, that live on Mars in the
.y expanding to Mars, we will be ensuring that humanity will survive. If there are multiple human civilizations on multiple worlds, the possibility of us going extinct in the universe
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There are no people living on Mars because the planet is poorly suited for human occupation. The atmosphere is very thin consisting mainly of carbon dioxide (95% ...
People can't live on Mars because there is no oxygen to support life due to the planet's thin atmosphere. The planet is also characterized by weak gravitational ...
You cannot live on mars, unless you have access to a space station. There is no food or water to sustain life. There have been small traces of water found, but ...
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