Can People Live on Mercury?


Do not pack your bags and put the house up for sale so you can head off to a life on Mercury. It is not going to happen. The climate it way too hot and has a very thin atmosphere. Why not just head to Florida?
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Absolutely nothing.
The planet Mercury is a planet of extremes: the closest to the Sun, traveling
Sarasota, FL seen him a couple times nice man talks a lot though
"Freddie Mercury was so taken with Montreux that he bought an apartment in Territet, overlooking Lake Geneva." Territet is Montreux's eastern suburb. Here's Montreux on
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Humans can not live on the planet Mercury for several reasons. For instance, the sun's heat and lack of oxygen and nitrogen can not allow man live on this planet ...
Mercury is one of the eight planets in the Solar System. The planet cannot support human life as its atmosphere is very thin and made up of mostly sodium. ...
Liquid mercury is a highly toxic, dangerous, and hazardous material. It is dangerous to all living things including humans, animals, and aquatic type species. ...
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