Can People Live on Neptune?


People can't live on Neptune since it's a very cold planet. The temperature of Neptune is about negative 200 degrees Celsius. Neptune is one of the furthest planets from the sun. You can find more information here:
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I cannot find any good reasons to live on
Your question presupposes there is a place to live on. However, Neptune is a gas giant. Replace "Neptune" with Mars and you have a question.
Cause i is to stormy and cold in neptune Anonymous
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We can't live in neptune because it's atmosphere can not support life. Neptune is mainly made of hydrogen and helium, while its interior is primarily composed ...
Neptune is not safe to live on because of very many reasons. First, it is too cold, and it does not have an atmosphere of oxygen which humans need to breathe. ...
Humans cannot live on Neptune because it is too cold and it does not have oxygen which people need to breathe. It has no gravity and comets may hit it. This planet ...
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