Can peroxide bleach hair until it turns white?


Peroxide can be used in combination with a bleaching agent to lighten hair until it turns white according to Clairol. Although it may be best to go to a professional hair stylist, it can be done at home using a bleaching kit.

To bleach hair until it is white, the volume or strength, of peroxide must be taken into consideration. Darker hair requires a stronger volume because it contains more pigment that needs to be removed. It is not recommended to use strengths above 30-volume peroxide. 30-volume peroxide should work for dark, medium brown and red hair. In the case of black hair, two 30-volume peroxides may be necessary.

For light brown, medium blonde, dark blonde or light red hair, 20-volume peroxide is strong enough to lighten until the hair turns white. People with light blonde, grey or white hair should use a lighter 10-volume peroxide. Kits of all strengths can be purchased at beauty supply stores.

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You can bleach your hair with a bleaching kit. You can buy these at your local Walmart. Make sure to follow the directions carefully, so you do not end up turning your hair orange!
The first rule of thumb is never use household bleach. This will kill, damage, ruin and burn your hair. You can purchase hair bleach at any beauty-supply store. Combine the hair bleach
stay out in the sun. that helps. if you live near a beach! i use Sun-In its a product that you put in your hair and stay out in the sun. itll get lighter eventually.
To lighten hair: combine 1 cup of peroxide, 2 tbs. of honey, two egg
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