Can Pharmacists Write Prescriptions?


Pharmacists are a great way to get your medicine. Additionally, it is a great career to get into. Pharmacists however, can not write prescriptions. They can only fill them.
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Doctors can write prescriptions. They have the education and the DEA approval for this. Nurse practitioners and some physicans assistants can write certain prescriptions.
Simply because pharmacists are not physicians and are not trained to diagnoses conditions and recommend treatment. The pharmacists merely follows the directions of the physician in
Each state has laws and regulations that determine who can write a prescription for a medical device in that state. FDA defers to the states on determining who can write a valid prescription
A psychiatrist must have an M.D. or D.O. degree from an
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A pharmacist is a person that dispenses prescription medications. They also offer customers advice and instruction on the safe use of the prescribed medications ...
A physical therapist can write prescriptions. However, it does not include prescription for medicine. They can prescribe the exercises needed by a patient to ...
Dentists can write prescriptions, but it can only be for medications that are dental related. They can not write prescriptions for things such as cold medicines ...
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