Can pigs swim?


According to Harry Snelson of the American Association of Swine Veterinarians, pigs can swim. He is quoted as saying, "pigs are actually pretty good swimmers over short distances."

All pig species Dr. Snelson is aware of can swim. The pigs use the doggie paddle style of swim.

On an uninhabited island in the Bahamas called Big Major Cay, there lives about 20 swimming pigs. Locals call the island Pig Beach. These pigs know that when a person visits or boat passes by, a meal will present itself. The pigs dip into the water and will eagerly swim up to a boat for a free snack.

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When pigs swim, it is to save their lives or to get food. They are many photos of cute, swimming
was told that it was because they cut their own throats with their front trotters when they swam not certain that it is 100% true or how far they had to swim before it hapened but't_pigs_suppose_...
James Burley
interesting question...however I don't think they can swim on their backs...actually they can swimm, but not on their backs...or at least I think so...I m excited about other answers
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Guinea pigs can swim though they do not like being in aquatic environments. The fear of aquatic environments has been linked to an evolutionary trait in guinea ...
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