Can Plants Live in the Dark?


Yes plants can live in the dark. As long as they can still get nutrience from the dirt and carbon dioxide from us, plants that require no sunlight can live in the dark.
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Nearly all plants need some kind of light. A majority require a day and night cycle so they absorb the light rays and create energy during the day, then go dormant at night. Plants
In tundra the calliergon giganteum grows int he arctic tundra which is a harsh cold environment in the Northern Hemishere within the arctic circle. Also there are strong winds up
Aquatic plants.
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If a plant is left in the dark for a long period of time it may possibly die. Plants need light to live. It's important to take care of plants for them to survive ...
The dark and fuzzy leaves that absorb and store heat from the sun are none other then African Violets. These plates can live through just about anything if they ...
Plants need sunlight in order to grow, as this helps the plant to create chlorophyll. Without sunlight, this will not be possible and the plant will fail to thrive ...
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