Can Potted Mums Be Planted Outdoors?


Potted mums can be planted outside in full sunlight and well watered soil. They make colorful decorations late in the summer and all through the fall. Mum cuttings can also be used to propagate your plants until you have many new plants.
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Mums growing in containers can be planted in the outdoor garden as soon as available at the nursery. Once fall deepens and mums are in full flower, they need to be planted as soon
Other methods that work well are to cover the soil with medium sized gravel or put fresh lemon and/or lime peels in the pot. . Cats do not find rocks an inviting substrate to use
I water it once a week and have it sitting on the table in a sunny area.
I hesitate to tell you this but you should take a hint from your neighbors. Those really are extreme conditions. If you want to try once more, a dwarf Alberta Spruce might be a possibility
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Potted mums can be planted outside but your odds of keeping them alive through the winter are low. Most mums are grown in green houses these days, so give them a sunny, warm spot, and mulch a lot in the fall.
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