What are the chances of pre-cum to get a girl pregnant?


Pretty high chance.
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yeah that precum sh*t aint no lie bro get the test and find out if she wants to keep it, i only fucced my baby mamma once didnt even nutt old codom it broke and now my daughter is
Not as likely as come, but it's not unheard of. That's why coitus interruptus (pulling out before ejaculation) isn't an effective form of birth control.
Nineteen couples out of a hundred will get pregnant from
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It is possible for a girl to get pregnant from pre-cum, which is a male's pre-ejaculate fluid, even though it does not contain sperm. Under certain circumstances ...
yup, anything that's ejaculated from a man during intercourse can cause a woman to be pregnant. regardless it's his pre cum or semen. ...
It is not possible to tell how often a girl gets pregnant from pre-cum. Some studies have shown it is possible and others that it is not. Regardless, it may be ...
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