Can Precum Impregnate a Woman?


There is a minimal chance that a woman can get pregnant from pre-ejaculation (precum). This is subject to the fact that only a sperm can impregnate a woman. Pregnancy may be due to precious ejaculation. It is advisable to use contraceptives to avoid unwanted pregnancies.
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Pre-cum is just there for lubrication, it is not needed to get pregnant.
This is actually a topic on which I've done a fair bit of research, although my advice will be specific to the state of California. (I've investigated some of the options above with
i think slim to none.
It many places it is illegal to combine human and animal cells
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To impregnate a woman, live sperm must enter the vagina. The sperm must encounter an egg, and fertilize it. The fertilized egg will then begin to grow. ...
A woman can get pregnant in several ways, One If a pre-ejaculation comes in contact with the vagina it can cause a woman to become impregnated, artificial insemination ...
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