Can Pregnant Women Drink Gatorade?


Pregnant women can definitely drink Gatorade or other sports drinks that aid in replenishing fluids during pregnancy. Gatorade combats nausea or morning sickness during pregnancy as well. Gatorade keeps electrolytes in balance and keeps the body hydrated.
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A woman can become pregnant just about anytime she has sex and sperm enters the vagina. She is most likely to become pregnant during ovulation though which is about days 11-14 of
The American Pregnancy Association recommends that pregnant women limit their intake of certain fish, as it can contain high levels of mercury. Too much mercury can cause damage to
Lots and lots of water and juices. They say that if you drink soda to take it to 1 to 2 glasses a day. Dont drink any alcohol it is dangerous for the baby.
Can't:soft cheeses,alcohol,swordfish,shark,shell fish,undercooked
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Yes, pregnant women can drink Pepsi but they should limit their intake. Pepsi, as with many carbonated drinks, contains caffeine which is known to produce small ...
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