Can Pregnant Women Drink Pepsi?


Yes, pregnant women can drink Pepsi but they should limit their intake. Pepsi, as with many carbonated drinks, contains caffeine which is known to produce small babies who do not always reach full term. Caffeine during pregnancy is directly related to miscarriages and sudden infant death syndrome.
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Lots and lots of water and juices. They say that if you drink soda to take it to 1 to 2 glasses a day. Dont drink any alcohol it is dangerous for the baby.
Recently, earnings of Diet Coke have surged while Diet Pepsi has
Caffeine is found in coffee, tea, and chocolate. While it has not been found to cause any defects or abnormalities in a pregancy or to the fetus, we do not want you to have too much
Not Medical advice: Red Raspberry Leaf tea, Peppermint Leaf tea & Lemon Balm tea are likely safe.
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