Can roaches bite?


Some roaches do bite. During heavy infestations of German cockroaches, people have not only reported being bitten, but also finding roaches eating food residue around the mouths of those who are sleeping.

The German cockroach, one of the smaller roach species, is also the most common one infesting apartments, houses, hotels and restaurants in the United States. Though they do not frequently bite, these roaches often contaminate the food and utensils they walk across with the pathogenic organisms they carry on their legs and bodies. Additionally, their waste products and defensive secretions can cause severe allergic reactions in humans, such as skin rashes, sneezing and watery eyes, nasal congestion and asthma.

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The effect on roach bites would be itching and swealing
Cockroaches are omnivores & will eat anything! The German cockroach is the one most known to bite.
I have never heard of roach bites before.OH GOD how horrible. Go see your doctor about what to do for that.
There is no listing of a woman dying from roach bites. Is this possibly an urban
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Yes, roaches can and do bite humans. But a roach bite is so rare that the vast majority of people have never experienced one. Roaches are naturally shy of people ...
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