Can Salt Water Freeze?


Yes, salt water can freeze. Salt only lowers the freezing point of water, but does not prevent it from freezing. The exact point at which salt water freezes is dependent on the concentration of salt in the water.
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1. Fill a container with one quart of room temperature water. 2. Add 3.8 tbsp. or 58.45 grams of salt to the water for every 1.8 degree Celsius you want the freezing point to decrease
1 MIX salt in water. .... concentration of around 9 gm/l, which is equal to the concentration of sea water which doesn't freeze 2 that's it. ... You've lowered the freezing point
A2A. If you have a closed vessel containing a volatile substance, at equilibrium, the vapor above the vessel attains a fixed partial pressure, which depends only on temperature, called
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Yes it is possible for salt water to freeze. Depending on how much the water freezes depends on the temperature and also it depends on how much salt is in the water. The more salt the harder it will be to freeze.
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