Can Sharks Swim Backwards?


Some sharks are fast swimming predators that live in Open Ocean, while others are slow swimming bottom dwellers that eat shell fish. Shark can not swim backwards like fish, because their pectoral fins cannot bend upwards. However, if it needs to move backward, it uses gravity to fall.
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Sharks cannot swim backwards because their fins don't allow them to do so.
No, sharks cannot swim backwards. Other fish are able to, but the design of sharks' pectoral fins prevent them from doing so. They also can't stop as quickly as other fish. You can find more information here:
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It will be unable to extract the oxyen causing it to drown and die.
A shark does not have a swim bladder, so it uses its forward movement to control the vertical position.It is similar to an airplane.Mako sharks are the fastest swimming sharks and
I cannot locate information on why sharks cannot swim backwards, only that they in fact can't. ChaCha!'t-sharks-sw...
Because they were created without the reverse gear!
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