Can Shingles Spread All over Your Body?


Shingles is normally not seen to spread all over the body. It is commonly concentrated on the buttocks and the trunk. However, it can also appear on the arms, legs, and the face. This particular infection is caused by the herpes zoster virus.
Q&A Related to "Can Shingles Spread All over Your Body?"
it is seborrea. people with compromised immune systems (people with aids) get it. This sounds like Molluscum Contagiosum.
Yes that is true. Herpes infection may also spread throughout the body (called disseminated herpes) In this type, the herpes virus can affect many different parts of the body. Herpes
Skin rashes may appear for a variety of reasons whether due to
well vidya, hey're flesh-coloured like and when sometimes looked at from head-on are red around them. they also itch sometimes, and I squeezed one and it had the same pain as it would
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