Can Sinus Problems Cause Facial Numbness?


Sinus problems can indeed cause facial numbness. Multiple Sclerosis is a condition that can also cause facial numbness.
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Bell's palsy or some thing connected with cranial nerve VII ? Consult a neurologist or seek a second medical opinion. Source(s):… http
It sounds very much like allergies. The symptoms of allergies are caused by histamines, which is why people take anti-histamines. Diet can be a big factor in your body's production
Sinusitis is a swelling of the inner lining of the sinuses due to allergies, dust, and exposure to viruses, bacteria, and fungi. The sinus is located between the spaces in the bones
Such symptoms can occur due to many conditions. One of the important causes is a mini-stroke, or TIA. It can also signify the onset of other degerative diseases like Parkinson's.
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