Can Snakes See?


Snakes do see but they have limited view of their surroundings since they are ground crawlers. However, some species of snakes have well developed eyes and majority of them have stereoscopic vision. Alternatively, snakes have one of the most acute senses of hearing by using ground vibration.
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what a silly question with there eyesss???? maybe??
Snakes are very adept at detecting motion, heat, and vibration using their eyes and
Snakes see the same colors humans see, but not as vivid. Their eye movement is fairly limited because of eye coverings called brille.
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Most snakes can see but not very well. They can see shapes but not details. There are a few species that are known to hunt during the day and have better eyesight.
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Some snakes can only distinguish between light and dark but others have very good eyesight. Most snakes have good enough eyesight to help them to track movements ...
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