Can Someone Be Arrested for Pointing a Gun at Someone and Threatening Them?


Yes, they can. The laws vary from place to place, but threatening someone with a gun is almost always an arrestable offense. An exception, though, is if the pointing and threatening is done in justifiable self-defense (or defense of someone else).
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They would most likely be charged with assault. Penalty (if convicted) would depend on the judge.
If you continue to harass them, they can present the evidence to the police who will often place a phone call to you indicating that you are to have no more contact with that person
Someone mentioned this in another thread, in passing. What if someone who knows you have guns, and takes a dislike to you, threatens to call the cops and say that you threatened them
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It is usually illegal to point a gun at someone. It does not matter if it is loaded or not. One exception would be if you are being threatened such as by an intruder ...
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