Can spiders lay eggs in human skin?


Contrary to widespread urban legends, spiders do not lay eggs in human skin. This setting is not an appropriate environment for spider eggs to hatch.

Another myth associated with spiders comes from the American Midwest. Supposedly, the fruit of the Osage orange tree is repulsive to spiders and keeps them out of the house. The fruit, also known as "spider balls," is placed next to interior walls. However, in the outside world, spiders sometimes make their homes in Osage orange trees and spin webs on fallen pieces of fruit. In the Pacific Northwest, horse chestnuts are said to be repellent. However, spiders have little, if any, ability to sense odors in the air.

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In my pseudoquasaiprofessional opinion; it is not always species distinct. some will; & some won't. Just like, some white people will kill you for no reason; and others will not
Spiders in general have the capacity to lay hundreds of eggs at a time. Female "house" or "cobweb" spiders of the family Therididae may deposit more than 200 eggs
This is a blackhead. The raindrop shape is the giveaway and they are always hard. Source(s) Health care provider.
Some spider species will encase their eggs in a silken pouch and abandon them, and others
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