Can Spiders Swim?


Some spiders can actually swim. For instance, there is a type of spider that lives underwater (the only one who does), and can swim so perfectly. This type of spider has the capability to catch creatures such as midge larvae, mayfly nymphs and water mites.
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Spiders are a man's best friend. They really are, can you imagine how many flies and other annoying bugs would be around if there weren't spiders to eat them? Too many to even think about. Now, as far as spiders swimming, there are some that can. They live in Europe. Most spiders, however; don't but they can float and kind of skim their way to shore or edge of a pool. If you find one in your tub, just scoop it out and set it free. You can find more information here:
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Some spiders can but most dont.
The half-inch water spider actually lives underwater (the only spider who
1. Attach a garden hose to a water faucet near the infested palm trees around your swimming pool. 2. Turn on the faucet, and allow the hose to fill with water. 3. Turn off the faucet
Spiders need water to live too, and when they seek water from the pool, they fall in, and can't crawl back out, Usually, they drown, but some can survive under water for a long time
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