Can Spotting Mean You Are Pregnant?


Spotting may mean that you are pregnant as it is one of the signs of implantation. It may also be interpreted as a sign of miscarriage and therefore proper medical attention should be sought.
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Technically there is not a time when you can not get pregnant. If you are having sex then you can get pregnant. However, you do increase your chances of getting pregnant when having
Spotting during early pregnancy is considered to be normal. Unlike a menstrual period, spotting typically consists of a small amount of vaginal discharge that may contain a little
Yep. You can spot throughout the whole first
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If you are 5 months pregnant and notice some spotting, it's likely nothing to worry about. Even so, it is still best to give your doctor a call to see if he or ...
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Leaking milk might mean you are pregnant as stimulation of the breast tissue which occurs in early pregnancy commonly causes the breasts to leak. A sure way of ...
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