Can Squirrels Swim?


Squirrels can rely swim but, do not do it often because they are tree creatures, they would be more vulnerable in the water to attack by a predator, because they aren't good swimmers. There is a story of an Illinois state police officer that once clocked a gray squirrel, with his radar gun at 20 mph, as it was running across a highway.   Other research has shown similar speed for gray squirrels.
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I don't think squirrels can swim. But if they do, probably an inch every three seconds.
Squirrels use the "dog paddle" when they swim and use their tale as a rudder.
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to keep their nuts dry but also if they try to swim face down their teeth break the surface tension of the water and they would sink like a furry little stone
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Squirrels actually only swim if in life or death situations and if completely necessary. Swimming is very hard for squirrels and they use the doggie paddle method to swim.
Squirrels can swim and do the 'dog paddle', but they do not like to be in the water. They will do it only if they must or to avoid danger. You can find more information here:
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