Can Standard 8mm Tape Play on Hi8 Camcorder?


An 8 mm video format cassette can be played on a Hi8 camcorder as this format is merely an improved format of the Hi8 format. The Hi8 video cassette format was extensively used by the NTSC TV systems and PAL/SECAM TV systems.
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I don't think anyone makes new 8mm camcorders, so you will have to get a second hand one. If you had said what was wrong with your old camera we may have been able to help, make and
The tape must have stuck inside the case due to moisture. Try winding it manually. It would help if you have a rewinder.
Hi Kenny, and welcome to Yahoo!Answers: As the years go by (past the "age of 8mm video" this is a very common Question here on Y!A. I just answered this recently, and to
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