Can Sterling Silver Rings Be Sized?


Sterling silver rings are simple to size. Not all jewelers will be set up to replace plating after they cut and weld the ring, so they may have to refuse a resizing job due to this. If your ring has a stone it my not be able to be re-sized because the stone may be loosened or fall out.
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1. Acquire a ring sizer. This is a short metal tool that looks like a blunt, rounded spike. The tip is narrow, and the circumference of the ring sizer gets larger the closer you get
'Sterling' silver is real silver. Any item that is described as 'Sterling' silver will always be real silver as 'Sterling' is actually the name gives to the 925 purity of silver.
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Hello, Silver rings are resized all the time . You have a silver ring with Tazanite.the problem here is that this stone is very delicate and heat will break it and I am sure the silversmith
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