Can swans fly?


Swans are capable of flight. In fact, the swans that are often seen around marshes, lakes and ponds are able to fly only 60 days after hatching.

These birds, commonly known as mute swans, originally bred in the British Isles, north-central Europe and north-central Asia were introduced to America by settlers. Though they do not follow mass-migration patterns in their new home, European and Asian birds may travel as far as North Africa, the Near East, India and Korea to winter. Interestingly, though mute swans are generally silent, the sound of the their wings during flight can be rather loud.

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To start off, in the water, a swan belts its strong wings against the water, and swiftly and rapidly starts off running. After a while, the swan lifts up in the air, and begins to
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Trumpeter Swans have the ability to fly at 44 mph mainly during their migration
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Baby swans are called a flapper or a cygnet. The female swan is a pen and the male is a cob. A group of swans are a team or herd. If they are flying they are ...
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