Can't Cough up Phlegm?


If you can't cough up phlegm, it may be too thick. Keep well hydrated and it will be easier to cough up your phlegm.
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The presence of phlegm is usually indicative of an issue with the dog. When a dog coughs or sneezes up phlegm, it is typically a sign of an irritant or bacterial problem that is creating
It could be due to some really serious diseases or disorders, so you should go to the doctor to find out what is causing yours. Old blood turns from red to black-looking, so if you
Coughing of orange phlegm type substance could be caused by something
Have some one beat on your back or chest the same as you would if you were burping a child. This is called CPT it will loosen thick mucos that is in your lungs. Not a joke.
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Coughing up white phlegm using is associated with a minor illness. The normal color of phlegm is white. Phlegm is an accumulation of mucus in the throat. ...
The causes of you coughing up black phlegm can be caused by mucormycosis and aspergillosis which are fungal infections. Miners may cough up black phlegm from the ...
A chesty cough, also referred to as a mucus cough, is a type of cough produced by the body to get rid of excess mucus or phlegm that builds up in the throat. A ...
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