Can Tattoos Cover Stretch Marks?


Naturally, tattoos can cover stretch marks, hiding them in the process. Incidentally, there are many people creating tattoos to hide their stretch marks with reported high levels of success. Stretch marks normally affect the body when there is rapid weight gain, such as in the case of pregnancy.
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1. Choose a concealer that matches your skin tone. 2. Dip your paintbrush in the concealer, and apply it along the lines of the stretch marks. 3. Press the concealer gently into the
1. Use primer. Evenly put foundation primer on your chest so the foundation stays. Ad. 2. Wear foundation. Find the right color for you and put four to five dots on each side then
well they can use cream or bio-oil but they take ages so they probably have laser treatment.
If they aren't deep it won't be a problem with the right artist. It's hard to do detailed stuff directly on the stretch marks, so it would be better to put the design itself on non-scarred
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Tattoos cannot cover stretch marks. The stretch marks would simply be colored. To properly receive a tattoo the skin needs to be taught, therefore the skin would need to be stretched slight to apply over stretch marks.
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Stretch marks can be tattooed over, but it is not always possible to completely cover or hide them with a tattoo. It depends on the depth and coloration of the ...
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Tattoo is a permanent mark on the body for life. However, a black tattoo can be covered using dark colours like blue and green. Use a tracing paper or acetate ...
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