Can Tea Tree Oil Kill Lice?


Tea tree oil can kill lice, and it has actually been scientifically proven to do so. Tea tree oil contains a number of chemicals that are better at killing lice than most chemical medicines. Use the oil with a good shampoo and a nit comb to get all the lice.
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Tree tea oil is offered as an alternative to shampoos with pesticide, some of which have been losing effectiveness according to the Mayo Clinic. Tree tea oil works by smothering the
1 Buy tea tree oil. Make sure it's tea tree oil and not cream; the cream only gets rid of spots. Ad 2 Sprinkle the tea tree oil in your hair and on your scalp. The reason you'll need
Oil like olive or coconut oil would work way better. You could mix in 1 drop of tea tree oil with the oil to apply to your head. You could use crisco if you needed to! Then wash all
Answer From an article on aromatherapy: The following treatment for removal of head lice is recommended: Add five to ten drops of pure tea tree oil to a shampoo and wash the child's
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