Can Teeth Repair Themselves?


Teeth cannot repair themselves. This is because tooth enamels consist of 90% minerals and there aren't many proteins and cells that start the heeling in our bodies. However, the base of the roots of our teeth has cells that can provide certain amount of repair, but not up in the crowns.
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When you break a bone your body will begin immediately to repair it. At the site of a break the blood vessel is also severed it leaks out of the veins and forms clot that helps keep
Enamel on the teeth serves the same function as skin on the rest of the body. It is a form of hard tissue that protects the rest of the tooth from erosion, breakage and several other
yes it does.
OK this is how it goes ; tooth as a whole is not living, inside of the tooth - the pulp is the only living part of a fully formed tooth. The rest - enamel , dentin , cementum etc
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