Can text messages be retrieved after being deleted?


Text messages can be retrieved after being deleted. While you cannot recover deleted text messages on your phone, you — or someone else — can purchase software programs that allow your computer to uncover and read your deleted text messages.

When you delete text messages on your cellphone, you are actually telling your phone not to show you these messages any longer. However, your cellphone still stores the data on your phone. Therefore, when you purchase and download a text-recovery software program, the program extracts the data from your cellphone or smartphone and produces the lost text messages to you verbatim.

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Once a text message is deleted, it is gone, and you can not just retrieve it. The only way to get it back on your phone is to ask the person that sent it, to send it again.
On most phones, there is no way to retrieve a deleted message. Once you delete a text message, it's gone permanently. However, some Windows Phones have recycle bins, if you have a
1. Download and install a text message recovery software program. Click the links in the "References" section below to be directed to some sites with free trials. 2. Connect
Carriers will not retrieve deleted text. You can buy Sim Card
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