Can the Garage Door Springs Prevent the Door from Opening All the Way?


The garage door springs can in fact prevent the garage door form opening all the way and a simple adjustment of the torsion springs should fix it, it also could be the safety feature that is doing it as well.
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There isn't enough tension on the springs - let me know the Make / Model of door or where the springs are, ( over the top of the door, at each side of the door, to the rear of the
Don't through the opener out just yet - that's a little extreme. Your AcessMaster has 2 blue adjustment screws on the right side or rear panel of the overhead unit. The are labeled
[QUOTE=CraigFL;15086]The 'dials' are the safety feature that you set so that the door won't crush anyone that is underneath it. You can use these to temporarily get past your problem
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If your garage door won't open all the way, it could be because of an obstruction that may have landed on the sensing plate. To fix a garage door that won't go ...
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