Does the Morning after Pill Delay Your Period?


Yes, the morning after pill is known to delay periods in women. Repeated use of the pill can cause menstrual cycle changes as it interferes with hormonal activity in the uterus and the fallopian tube. Furthermore, the morning after pill doesn't protect against sexually transmitted diseases which is a common misconception in some quarters.
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Most women will get their period 7 to 9 days after
It could delay it by one day if you were due to ovulate that day. However, it has been known to both delay by several days and also cause it to come early. Side effects vary with
Don't worry. seriously. I've taken the pill 3 times before. and each time my period was like 2 weeks late. Of course, I worried so it probably made it come later than it should've
not too sure but last time i took it my next period was 10/11 days late if that helps
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The morning after pill can indeed delay your periods or make them come early. Most women will have their period 7 to 9 days after the treatment and if your menstrual has not taken place by 21 days subsequent to treatment, you must confirm this with a pregnancy test.
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