Can the Police Enter My House without a Warrant?


The police can enter your house without a warrant. However, they can do this under certain conditions like when a serious or dangerous incident has taken place. Other situations when the police can enter premises without a warrant include when they want to: deal with a breach of the peace or prevent it, enforce an arrest warrant, arrest a person in connection with certain offences, recapture someone who has escaped from custody, and save life or prevent serious damage to property.
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If they have probable cause that a crime is taking place inside.
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If they placed him under arrest . . . . wouldn't the more important matter be what he DID rather than how and where they put the cuff on him? You may have a point, but, they could
Dear what do I do? I am a New York attorney, but the theft a firearm, anywhere, is a crime. If you believe your landlord stole your gun, and you are also the lawful owner of the gun
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